Couple Massages

For couples looking for relaxing moments and escape from everyday life.

Lotus, tantric and erotic massage in Tenerife

Basic Tantra

Try an unforgettable sense experience.

280€ 60 min.
Lotus, tantric and erotic massage in Tenerife

Kundalini Tantra

For those who want to deepen the tantric experience.

350€ 90 min.

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Benefits for Couples

Discover how Tantra massages help couples

Lotus, tantric and erotic massage in Tenerife

The benefits of this massage can be seen immediately, the couple is more close, more accomplice and happier

Couple Massage
Tantra is the Indian discipline of couple’s harmony. Thanks to a series of techniques focused on care and slowness, teaches the couple how to live the sexual desire with complicity and spontaneity. Through breathing exercises and rediscovering of the small gestures the couple finds the pleasure of feeling fine sensations.
Many couples try to break the monotony by introducing sexual transgressions and extreme experiences until, very often, they reach a point of no return, where everything has been experienced. Nothing wrong with this, even if in many cases, when everything has been "tried " the result is a break out. Tantra allows the couple to explore, but on another level, often forgotten: the level of feelings and sensations that if is practiced according to the Tantric standards, surprise!, is far more stimulating and exciting.
Since all relationships are based on an exchange of energy, when this does not flow properly, but crashes on and rejects the partner’s one, conflicts can arise. Tantra contributes significantly to remove energy blocks that may hinder especially couple harmony.
Tantric meditation and Tantra experience generally helps the couple to get closer. Sharing together new experiences strengthens the relationship, you come to a full knowing of the other, up to become one.
The frenetic life, hard work, stress, routine, habit, are all lead to a lack of sexualdesire in the couple. In Tantra and other fun massages, fantasy is stimulated, the couple gets out of places habitually visited and libido wakes up.